hthg-homeWhy Choose Heart to Heart to Serve Your Family?

Heart to Heart L.L.C. has been serving the Funeral Industry for over ten years providing training, aftercare products and resources to both Funeral Homes and Cemeteries all across the country. Its owner and President, Dick Perl C.C.F.E., is a forty-year veteran of funeral service who has committed his entire life to improving the quality of care and service families need and deserve from our profession. Recently Dick realized the importance of offering a new service through Heart to Heart that takes the company in
a slightly different direction. Thus the creation of “Heart to Heart Remembrance Services”. A meaningful way to say Good Bye by placing cremated remains in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dick also served as Vice President of Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Mobile, AL for over ten years. In this position he realized attitudes towards funeral traditions were and are changing. The families choosing cremation across the country is growing significantly each year and they want to have choices about how to say Good Bye.

As a boat owner for many years and lover of the water himself, Dick realized there was a need in the South Alabama, Mississippi and Pensacola area for this type of service. The type of boat he owned was not the right boat for this purpose. So the search started, wanting to find the right boat that would offer comfortable seating room and a smooth ride. He made a bid on a boat that he felt would meet his needs, but lost the bid. Not giving up he called the owner of the boat and said, “If the deal falls through call me, I want to buy it.” This is how God works, the owner called Dick two days later and said the deal fell through. Guess what the Coast Guard documented name of the boat is? “GOD’S GIFT.” She is a twin diesel power 34 foot cruiser.

Dick has written numerous articles on the topics of cremation and is a highly sought after speaker at both State and National Conventions. He has produced a highly sought after CD where he talks in depth about the cremation process and questions you should ask yourself and your family before making the cremation decision.

His love of the Gulf of Mexico and the pristine waters of Orange Beach, AL make him the perfect choice to serve and help you and your family, “Honor a Life Lived”.